Training Honours List

Our Training Honours List!

JK Irrigation Ltd has trained the following operatives, listed via Golf/Sports or Landscape and the training was either a pre set day or custom made to suit. *Listed A-Z, first name then last.

Golf/Sports Training

 *Listed A-Z, first name then last and then who booked the training. 

Name / On behalf of

Adam Caves / AC Ground Services

Antony Fitzpatrick / Surrey National Golf Club

Ben Brown / Charterhouse School

Ben Lamaison / The Grove

Chris Browett / The Richmond Golf Club

Chris Callaghan / Corballis Links Golf Club

Chris Shepherd / The Richmond Golf Club

Christopher Gorman / Royal Curragh Golf Club

Connor O'Donoghue / GCMS

Dale Flaherty / Blainroe Golf Club

Dan Smith / Get Golfing

Danny Collins / Woldingham Golf Club

David Bailey / Ballyneety Golf Club

David Gillespie / Ardee Golf Club

Duncan Seiling / Richmond Golf Club

Eddie Mullign / Stackstown Golf Club

Gary Duffy / Stackstown Golf Club

George Eastwood / Corrstown Golf Club

Greg O Connor / Limerick Golf Club

James Grimstead / Coombe Wood Golf Club

James Witt / Coombe Hill Golf Club

Jo Rawlinson / Charterhouse School

Joe Keaty / Stackstown Golf Club

John Jennings / Castleknock Golf Club

John O'Shea / Coombe Wood Golf Club

Les Howkins / The Richmond Golf Club

Lester Winters / Seapoint Link Golf Club

Mark Allard / The London Club

Mark Berigan / Donabate Golf Club

Mark McGarry / Lucan Golf Club

Matt Cleverdon / The Richmond Golf Club

Matt Kitson / Swinley Forest Golf Club

Matthew Simmons / Westerham Golf Club

Michael Calucy / Skerries Golf Club

Michael Thompson / Shirley Parkm Golf Club

Noel Henderson / Corrstown Golf Club

Paddy Foy / Elmgreen Golf Club

Pete Watkins / Sidcup Golf Club

Phillip McKeown / Bollyclare Golf Club

Ricky Taylor / Swinley Golf Club

Rob Kilduff / Royal Curragh Golf Club

Rob Patton / Get Golfing

Robby Moore / Forrest Little Golf Club

Stephen Mullen / Donabate Golf Club

Thomas Mithas / Coombe Hill Golf Club

Tom Pollicott / Coombe Hill Golf Club

Tony Redmond / Blainroe Golf Club

William Fuller / Surrey National Golf Club

Landscape Training

 *Listed A-Z, first name then last and then who booked the training. 

Name / On behalf of

Alfredo Leal / Cutting Hedge

Daniel Ridge / Langdale Landscapes

Guy Mongston / Planteria Group

Huw Parkin / HP Garden Solutions

Marc / Cutting Hedge

Martha Saunders / Planteria Group

Matthew Binns / Planteria Group

Philippa Garth / Langdale Landscapes

Silviv Ghita / Planteria Group